Sand Readings

There will be a bowl with sand in that i will ask you to draw your picture in from that picture i will be able to give you precise information about relevant periods from your life.

In a typical sand reading, the subject is told to place their hand on sand in a small box and it may also be told to draw a picture on the sand. Once the subject draws a picture, Michelle will interpret the symbols on the sand based on the energies of the sand and the subject.

Native Americans were the pioneers in sand painting. They had dirt floors in their homes and they carried multicoloured sand and painted the pictures on the floor. A psychic would then interpret these paintings based on the vibration of the painting and not by the mere pictures. The psychic is more concerned about the vibration and not the painting. The psychic understands that the symbols have been placed in the painting on purpose and hence just concentrates on the vibration emitted by the painting.

Reading a regular sand painting only requires your intuitive abilities. All you need to do is stare on the sand and let your eyes go out of focus like they do in a reverie or a day dream. The images you will see will give you the answers to your questions. Most of the time, most realizations and knowledge come from these kinds of day dreams where in you take a quick dip into the vast consciousness of the cosmos and understand the truth. However, most people do not realize that, we often gaze at clouds or even at a fire. We find that the clouds and the fire take many shapes which can tell us about our lives. The images that you see on the sand or clouds or the fire are the images that have been sent to you. If you can interpret those images, you will receive answers for all the questions in your heart. Just stare into the sand and ask a question. Let your mind drift into a day dream and flow with the flow. Pay attention to the thoughts inside your head, you will get an answer to all your life’s problems.

Sand reading is perhaps one of the most accurate forms of divination since the only communication between the reader and the seeker are the symbols on the sand.