Distant Healing

Distant Healing can be sent any where any time for anybody that needs it you dnt have to be in the same room or even the same country to send distant healing.

A few things that are in question is the success that remote healing can achieve. Actually, the success rate of any healing process (in-house or distant) depends on the intention – the intention of the sufferer and the healer as well. Man is a powerful creature and if he has proper intent, he can achieve the power of distant healing. In addition to this, if the intent is combined with focus, we can orchestrate miracles. In most of the circumstances, the sufferer has made up his mind to improve his current state and the healer has dedicated his life to healing and helping others. Thus, there is intent on both sides and this makes the healing process a success. One of the best methods of distant healing has been developed recently. It is called as ‘Quantum Biofeedback’ and is the most successful technique of remote healing. It requires a machine and the most popular machine at present is Indigo. Its predecessors were QXCI and EPFX, which were less sensitive and had lower healing frequencies as well. This technology requires highly sophisticated computerized-biofeedback machines that are appropriate for remote healing. These machines are wave-form generators, which can send balancing electromagnetic frequencies that can induce self-healing. The coherent and balancing waves send by the Indigo are intended for the sufferer who can receive them as a radio receives broadcasting frequencies. These frequencies send by Indigo are called restorative frequencies. Indigo calculates the body electric system using compound mathematical principles and quantum physics and thus, is able to send specific electromagnetic frequencies for each individual.

It has been proven beyond doubt that these electromagnetic waves are effective in inducing distant healing. These biofeedback sessions can also be run as distance healing sessions. Patients are not required to connect to the Indigo computer directly. This form of distant healing has also shown excellent results, recommending our earlier claim that distant healing requires faith and intention. effetti collaterali levitra Faith and intentions help in the development of the thoughts that can generate palpable energy. This energy can be used to heal our ‘diseases and the sufferings’ and of those, who are around us. The scientifically proven ability of electromagnetic waves and palpable energy to heal is an answer to those questions that have suspected the validity of the distant healing in the modern day world.

If you would like me to send healing to you or anybody you know im please to do so