Development Classes

I have run development classes for over 4 years and enjoy teaching as well as learning new things about spirit, as in my mind you never stop learning when working with spirit.

Spiritual Growth/ Development involves a process of becoming self aware, realising that we are more than just our 3-Dimensional human bodies. As we learn more about ourselves and our relationship with the Universal Source, we begin to recognise who we really are, access higher levels of consciousness, and see our world from a different perspective. It can help us feel more connected with everything around us, enabling us to start attracting more of what we want into our lives… and less of what we don’t.

Personal Development is similar but does not necessarily acknowledge the existence of a higher power, or universal energy source. It helps us to develop an awareness of ourselves, our relationships with the people we encounter in our lives, and why we act the way we do. In understanding ourselves better, it helps us to let go of limiting negative beliefs and realise our potential as human beings. It can also teach us to pay attention to, and act upon, our own inner guidance or ‘intuition’. This helps us develop a greater sense of confidence, as we then trust ourselves to make the right choices in life.

Mediums develop their ability by sitting regularly in development circles with other student psychics. Meditation usually plays a large role in Spiritualist practice. Meditation is used to calm the “voices” of modern, hectic life so that the practitioner can better hear his or her guide. Meditation often includes the breathing practices of Buddhist meditation (?n?p?nasati) and may also include the idea ofchakras. The Spiritualist may also focus on the tenets of their chosen religion to help them attain a higher existence. Like most meditation techniques, imaging (intensely imagining a place or situation) is common. There are specific imagings used to “meet” one’s guide, connect with those who have died, receive protection or support from God or simply calming the mind.

Through engaging their intuition, they attempt to contact with the spirits of the dead. This is known as opening up. In Britain especially, such mediums are trained to produce clear evidence that the spirit contacted is the person they claim it to be before going on to give any “message” from the spirit. Such evidence can be details of where they lived, including addresses sometimes, particulars of illnesses suffered and notable events in their lives, often known only to the person in the congregation being given the information.