Charity Work

Charity work is a very big part of our lives and has done for many years and we like to help as many charities / good causes as possible as we strongly believe that a little help goes a long way and some people are less fortunate than us and just a few pounds could make the difference from closing its doors to maybe changing someones life.

We do a lot of fundraising from raising money to helping give out food parcels, blankets and clothing at times of need like Christmas. Now these items are donated to us and a few of my friends to give out to our chosen charity and our local community, how ever we do not have a ready supply of these items or a stock in our house so i am unable to hand out parcels to any one who feels they are in need of a hand out, we am sorry if it sounds abrupt or rude but we are sure that you can imagine how many requests we get on a daily basis. It can be upsetting to have to say no to people that may be in need but we cant help every one even though we would like too but there is only a few of us (so please no begging letters).

If you would like us and our team to help you raise money for your chosen charity or good cause then please get in touch as between myself and my husband we do all sorts of events i my self do my Mediumship and my ever suffering husband Jason Morgan aka NobbyNosis is a Hypnotherapist as well as a Comedy Hypnotist. Some times we work together and do double bill shows and other times we work separately but 95% of the time we are both there to support each other on our own individual shows and not only that Jas does my sound and light so he got to come lol LOL lol i think i get the better deal just dnt tell him i said so.

Over the last few years my husband and myself plus our merry team of unpaid helpers have helped to raise many thousands of pounds for good causes in fact after doing a few calculations today 26th September 2016 we think we must be well over the £45,000.00 and it is constantly increasing…………….. but we love what we do and will continue to do so for many many years to come below are some of the Charities and good causes we have helped over the last few years

Abertawe Baby Loss Group: 4×4 Charity Event Raising Over £2,500.00

Active For Autism: 4×4 Charity Event 2015 Raising Over £2,500.00

Army Of Angels: 4×4 Charity Event May 2013 Raising over £1,333.33

AVWA Amman Valley Womans Aid: Fire Walk, Glass Walk, 4 x Evenings of Clairvoyance, Craft Fairs

Beds For Ghana: Raffles, Ghost Hunt, 4×4 Charity Event

Brynamman Juniors:  Jan 2014 Evening of Clairvoyance

Bullying Campaign: Evening Of Clairvoyance & Hypnotism Show

Cross Hands Public Hall & Cinema: The Walrus Dip, Raffles

Cwmdare Juniors: Hypnotism Show

Halfway Hotel: Defib Purchase

Hendy RFC (Juniors): Evening of Clairvoyance

Healing The Wounds: Evening of Clairvoyance

Heol Goffa Special School: 4×4 Charity Event May 2013 Raising over £1,333.33

Kayleighs Wish: 2 x Evenings of Clairvoyance

Keep The Beat4×4 Charity Event March 2016 £1,500.00

Latch Wales:  Raffle & Ticket Sale Donations

Leon Heart Fund: 4×4 Charity Event March 2016 £1,500.00

Llys Caradog: Evening of Clairvoyance

Llanelli First Responders: 2010/16 Evening of Clairvoyance x 6

Macmillan: Evening Of Clairvoyance & Hypnotism Show x 2

Morriston Hospital A&E Department: Hypnotism Show

Morriston Hospital Childrens Ward: The Harlem Shake

MS Society: Zip Wire July 2013

Pont Summer Festival: Evening of Clairvoyance x2

Reddies for Rosie Cancer Fundraiser: Hypnotism Show

Seven Sisters SJA & First Responders Group Sept 2016: Hypnotism Show

Simba Baby Loss Memory Boxes: March 2015 Hypnotism Show

The Fields Twins Fund: 4×4 Charity Event 2014 Raising £4,741.04

Thrive Cardiff: Jan 2014 Evening of Clairvoyance

Tumble Juniors: 3 x Evenings of Clairvoyance

Ty Bryngwyn Hospice Evening of Clairvoyance

Wales Air Ambulance: 4×4 Charity Event 2013 & 2014 Raising over £4,000.00

WCKA : 2011/16 5 x Evenings of Clairvoyance, Ghost Hunt & Hypnotism Show and have raised close on £6,000.00

Week On The Street Project: 2015 Evening Of Clairvoyance & Hypnotism Show


Up Coming Events


The only regret we have is that we never got to do a total of money raised only what gets told to us but its not all about the money its helping to make a difference that counts also our team of merry helpers Jamie Lewis, Keri Lewis, Catherine Thomas, Della Lines Zechman do so much to which we are so grateful for you guys are amazing and are lucky to have you as friends and helpers.

As well as the charities mentioned above i also help out at many spiritualist churches to help raise valuable funds to keep these open as they are all self funded and sometimes during quiet months the funds do get on the low side and often struggle to keep the doors open.

Shell & Jas xXx