People Often Say 16/09/13

People often say when they meet me i am not what they expected for a spiritualist medium! i ask why and they reply well you should be in to god and preach to me, you never loose your temper cos you are spiritual! and then if i answer my phone in tesco while shopping they are so shocked i have to eat! ok time for me to put the record straight each and everyone of us medium or no medium has to live life ! to learn our lessons along our pathway and not one of us is perfect for we would no longer need to be on the earth plain if we were! i to have times in my life where i look for guidance from my friends and spirit world i to have to eat and breath lol i to get days where i am down and need a cuddle from people close to me and i to need to be told that it will all be ok! SPIRITUALISM is a way of life we want to help as many people as we can we try not to send thoughts of negativity out to the ones who make us feel sad or bad and know that love is the way forward but it so dose not make it easier for us we have to stand back and look at what is going on around us and then try and do our best feelings and emotions are one of the most hardest things to control for us all and getting a balance in life is not easy on times but as a person who works with spirit i know that i have to trust and believe that spirit world will help and guide me on my pathway and when i have times in life where i feel sad they will pick me up and hold me enough to live life as best i can! life i know is for living but one day at a time for we can never go back and change the things we think we did and should not have done it is in the past ! we can not go forward in time and predict what is going to happen for tomorrow has not come yet! but today we can do our best and know at the end of each day we have done what we could no more no less! enjoy today take the things that make you smile to carry you through the morning when you wake and know we shed tears for a reason this is an emotion and we need to know each and everyone of them to enable us to have empathy and compassion to understand how others feel! so today i send you all my love and a big cuddle and the strength and knowledge that you will need to help each and everyone of you for today  xxx