Margam Castle investigation with Fright Nights

Hi all,

Firstly i would like to thank Libby from Fright Nights  for being a wonderful host for the evening,

We started off with a walk around where we had lots of information about the former people that had been

involved with the castle and to boot some names and dates to!

When we did the group vigils we again had some great paranormal activity , i took my group in the 3 down

stairs rooms and we did Human Pendulum to start ,wow i have to thank spirit for letting all my group feel

their energy as they made them sway back and forth! also lots of good activity on the glass work to our glass moved

from yes and no nicely giving answers to our questions.

we then moved on to table tipping  we also placed a ball in the centre of the table and asked spirit to move the ball before asking them to use their energy to tip the table back and forth!

to finish the night we had a big vigil at the bottom of the stairs and again were lucky enough to have spirit join us and give us more information!

sadly at 4am it was time for us to finish up as some of the group had come from as far as Gatwick, so a great night and i would very much like to return to the great Margam Castle ,thanks to all who came and joined in this night and thanks to Fright Night  for asking me to be one of the Mediums for the night look forward to joining you again on one of your many investigations

shell xxxxx