My Name is Michelle Morgan, I am a spiritualist medium and I have worked throughout the UK as a Spiritualist Medium and Teacher

Well this is the bit that I have to tell you all about myself……now most mediums will now launch in to a story of how they always knew they would work with spirit and how they were gifted from an early age, but I’m afraid this is not me ! . ! . ! .

I can tell you that when spirit first came in to my life I was shocked, scared and in denial and did not know what to do or what was happening to me this was a very scary time in my life.

This all started many years ago when on a train journey with a friend of mine, we had had a great day out and was on our return journey home and then bang it started.

Before I knew it I had spurted words out of my mouth from nowhere and I couldn’t stop myself, but looking back now spirit had given a message out to my unsuspecting friend, she was of course happy about this but was left in floods of tears and so was I, as I locked myself in the toilet for the rest of the journey home whilst on the phone to my husband asking him to help me (dnt know what he was going to do but it was worth a try).

A few days after this experience It happened again but this time to a complete stranger who was standing in a queue in front of me in the local Safeway now this was embarissing but it didnt end there, she kept following me around town asking for more information and how did i know so much about her life now this again left me in tears and thinking I was totally mad and needed a good check up from the neck up, you try explaining to your husband about what had happened in the last few days trust me it wasn’t easy, so I eventually found myself a spiritualist church not that far from me its amazing what you can do when you want to.

I was perhaps hoping for too much on the first night as I had so many questions with no answers for them, it then took me another few weeks before I dared ask anybody if I was mad, they reassured me I wasn’t and to stick with it as it will all make sence very soon and sure enough they were right.

I then got a bit of advice on what I should do to close down as from what i know now i was constantly open leaving everything in, I kept going to the church for around a year before they asked me to join their closed circle, and I have to say this was a nerve racking experience in its self, I walked into the little back room where they held the circle there were chairs placed in a circle and a big wooden cross in the middle of the floor, then when we all took our seats and the lights were turned off!!! and then a little red wall light was put on (yikes) at this point i couldnt speak as i was so scared.

I was the most frightened I had been in a long time, anyway to cut a long story short this was to be just the beginning of my very long journey on my path to working with spirit I could go on and on but I think I would bore you let’s just say thank god things have changed considerably since my first experience.

I now teach a development class myself, and I have to say it is nothing like the first class I went to! I also work spiritualist churches and do one to one sittings I also love my charity work and I support many local charities all of whom are very close to my heart and if I’m honest my charity work is more important than all my spiritual work as I feel it is important to give back something in to my community with the special gift I have been blessed with.

I have joined up with a dear friend of mine to work many different venues around the UK to bring fun and exciting evenings of clairvoyance so keep a look out as we could be near you soon! I also enjoy doing sand readings, palm readings, pendulums and of course the crystal ball, these are just a few things I do. I have to tell you I learn something new every day and working with my spirit guides is such a great feeling.

I am available for: individual readings, block bookings, church services and clairvoyant demonstrations, workshops and charity evenings.

Lots of Love Michelle x